Sunday, October 24, 2010


first oFf all i would like to congrat to SPATT team coz get 3rd runer up in CPCL 4 league n also would like to thank you to Kombatzone Paintball Park n Dusun Ali King Paintball Park coz sponser our team in CPCL . Even we didnt expect to play until semi final but we make it till the end . To all SPATT player u all the best n tq very much for the comitment that u all give tq guys.
SPATT Team Player
Yb @ Dot >> kombatzone Paintball Park
Azmee@ Miee >> Dusun Ali king Paintball Park
Ismet@ Ismet>> Kombatzone Paintball Park
Haney@haney>> Kombatzone paintball Park
Acap@miko>> Dusun Ali King Paintball Park
Ayep@ Ayep>> Dusun Ali King Paintball Park
Jalil@lil>> Kombatzone Paintball Park
Synaider@der>> Kombatzone Paintball Park
Faizal>> Wonderpet
Kamal >> Dusun Ali King Paintball Park
Abu @ Dust>>?????

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